Especiales del Almuerzo in Orange, CA

All meals are served with rice, beans, hand cut fries, and your choice of ........ for $8.95 (regularly $9.95). Refills are an additional $.75 each.

2 Shrimp Tacos (al Gobernador)

Grilled shrimp with onions, bell pepper, cilantro and cheese

2 fish Tacos

Grilled with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and mayonnaise

3 Fried Hard Tacos

Chicken or beef, with pico de gallo and lettuce

Carne Asada Plate

Grilled with onions and jalapeños

Chile Relleno

With 1 taco dorado (chicken or beef)


Chicken or beef, with rice, beans and pico de gallo

2 Enchiladas

Chicken, beef or cheese

3 Soft Taquitos

chicken or beef, with lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream and guacamole

Taco Dorado

With 1 Enchilada (chicken, beef or cheese)

Burrito Mojado en Chile Verde

Wet green burrito (pork)

2 Shrimp Tacos (al Chipotle)

Grilled shrimp in chipotle sauce and mayonnaise with pico de gallo